Block Splodder

Pixeled Vision 2016


Block Splodder Had its start back in 2013 as a High school contest game where whomever completed it first would receive 

a prize. Ever since it's been steadily gaining new features and revisions. It came to a point where it was almost releasable and well here we are today.

Block Splodder: Recommended Specs


Windows XP and up

2.0 GHZ or better

1 GB of RAM

50 MB available hard disk space


Play the Original!


•Up to 4 players: 

Play locally & online* with up to 4 players.


•A good amount of Single player content:

There are a lot of secrets and collectables for completionists.


•Simple control scheme.

Easy to pick up and play. The challenge lies in your obstacles.


Key Features